Inspection Services

Covenant provides evaluations that lead to solutions.

Don't trust guesswork. 

Professionally Licensed Inspector

We are fully licensed in North Carolina to provide home and commercial inspections. We specialize in providing our residential and commercial clients with complete inspection services, including bank draw reviews and construction progress reviews.

Four Decades of Experience

Over 35 years of experience provide us with a trained eye in evaluating countless needs of commercial and residential construction. We don't just find problems — we discover solutions.

Thermal Infrared Camera

Our thermal infrared camera identifies water leaks in roofs, walls, and foundations. It also flags inadequate insulation that sap your heating and cooling ability. See what is your behind walls and ceilings without tearing things apart.

Inspection Reports

We provide easy-to-read reports, with supporting photographs and descriptions to give a clear perspective. Normal turn-around of a report is 48 hours after review of the building and can be viewed online.

Radon Testing

Radon is a cancer-causing chemical found in the soil under many homes in the Smokey Mountains. If you're buying a home, get it tested prior to closing.

Mold Testing

Don't trust your family to a store-bought testing kit. We thoroughly test moisture levels deep within the materials of your home and provide an assessment of potential solutions.

Competitive Rates

Our rates are based on the square footage of a home and its age, and competitive with the surrounding construction industry.

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