We provide new construction and renovation solutions that leverage custom expertise to achieve your goals.

Our Technology

Commercial Projects

Our teeth were cut in the concrete jungle of Chicago on commercial construction, but in recent years we have tackled projects like churches, rental cabins and retail stores.

Residential Building

Our specialty is crafting beautiful, custom homes in the N.C. mountains. Nothing gives us more pleasure than making a homeowner's dream come to life with a detailed touch!


Whether you need to repair a porch, roof, fireplace or simply improve a section of your home, we would love to aid in your planning and execution. We are driven by quality and long-term satisfaction.


Covenant is proud to offer cutting edge materials and building techniques that pass industry standards by leaps and bounds. Whether you are evaluating flooring, roof, wall or even insulation offerings, we are here to help simplify your search and solidify your confidence. Your project is worth doing right the first time.

Complete Project Management

The full-service contractor experience that Covenant offers is second-to-none. We've created a network of most skilled carpenters, bricklayers, drywall finishers and roofers in the Graham County area. Don't take on the headache of coordinating a dozen contractors when you can work directly with us for all your needs.

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Certified Green Builder

What is Green Construction?

Strategic green construction is about coordinating energy, water and resource efficiency, indoor environmental quality, lot and site development, and home owner education. If you are building new or remodeling, do it right the first time.

Why is Green Certification Important?

The Certified Green Professional™ designation recognizes builders, remodelers and other industry professionals who incorporate green and sustainable building principles into homes — without driving up the cost of construction. Green builders have a proven background in green building methods approved by the organization leading the charge to provide market-driven green building solutions to the home building industry.

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